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Best Electric Bike (Ebike)
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  • Top ebike brands - Trek and Aventon

  • Ebike Parts and Accessories you need

  • Experienced ebike repair shop

  • Huge Inventory of all the popular ebikes

  • Every style of electric bikes

  • Deep knowledge of the ebike products 


We Put Your Needs First

We know that you can buy an electric bike online or at a department store. Therefore it is important that we offer you a reason to stop at Bumstead’s when you are considering the purchase of an ebike. The most important of these is offering you a personal guide and consultant in the purchase. We want you to love your experience after you purchase any bike at Bumstead’s, and your enjoyment depends on having the right bike to meet your needs, a dependable bike, and a trusted resource should you need maintenance or repairs. 

We Only Carry Top of the Line E Bikes at Our Ontario Shop

The largest bike brand in America is Trek. They now make some of the most exquisite electric bikes available. We offer the complete line of Trek ebikes, though we are not able to keep samples of all of them on the floor. However, based on Covid-related inventory constraints, we are generally able to get any Trek product from our local warehouse in one day. 


Aventon has established itself as the bike shop quality ebike brand, and offers a nice variety of quality electric bicycles at very affordable prices. Most are under $2000. 

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  • You’ll get MORE exercise - This may come as a shock. However, because you are more likely to use your ebike than a regular bike for some of the reasons to follow, and because you still pedal some or most of the time, you’ll end up with more exercise. This has been studied and the studies show this to be true. 

  • You can go further, faster - In deciding whether to walk, ride a bike, or drive, we often have time constraints or wonder about our physical ability to make the trip due to distance, hills, or whether we’ll get too sweaty. With an ebike, the hills melt away, you can average a greater speed in most cases, and you choose how much your perspire by how much motor you use vs pedaling. 

  • Physical limitations don’t matter - Are you currently injured? Maybe you have a disability. Or some folks just feel that they are physically fit enough for a bike. With an ebike, you can easily ride even if you have limitations that would make a traditional bike difficult. 


  • Keeping up with your group - We’ve all been there. We go out on a group rides, and most or all of the others in the group have more strength or stamina than others. Are you going to insist that the others go slow to accommodate you, or are you just going to ride alone and probably not go with this group again? With an e-bike, you’ll always be able to stay with the pack. 

  • Save money at the pump - Here in Ontario in April of 2022, the cost of gas is over $6 a gallon. When you go on an errand of under 10 miles, you are generally going to get very poor gas mileage. It is possible that your trip is going to cost you $.30 PER MILE. (@ 20 mpg). Your electric bike will need to be charged up with expensive California electricity, but that same trip will probably cost you less than 3¢ per mile. 

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  • Just plain fun - People are often surprised to see how quick and responsive e-bikes can be. The result is a fun experience, unlike any other bike. This is NOT to say that traditional bikes aren’t fun. There are few experiences in life that are more exhilarating than pedaling along with some scenic location, downhill or off-road biking, or riding with friends. E-bikes for many people, add just a bit more pep to the ride, or a bit more comfort when you need a rest. 

Types of Ebikes - [9] Nine Major Styles


Now we want to talk about choosing the right ebike for you. A few of the considerations. 



Street bikes fall into a few categories, but usually, the most important aspect is the types of wheels and tires on the bike. A street ebike will generally have narrower tires. 


Are you looking for a comfy bike like a cruiser, or a more aggressive bike like fitness or hybrid? Fatter tires, wider seats, a more upright position, and less emphasis on power may be what you prefer for a comfortable setup.


But if you want to ride a quicker, more responsive ebike, you’ll want narrower tires, more gears, less weight overall, a more powerful motor, and a more bent over (less wind resistance from your body) posture. 


If you want to go off-road, you will look for wider tires, shocks on the front forks, and a heavier frame. As you move up in offroad performance ebikes, you are going to want a lighter frame, more power, quicker handling, better brakes, and more gear choices. You may also prefer to add back shocks. 


Some e-bikes have a folding option - If you are traveling using an RV, motorhome, houseboat, or private plane, you might like to be able to fold your bike up for storage. 


Utility bikes - If you want to use your -ebike for industrial, agricultural, or business uses where you are hauling materials around, then you’ll want to check out some of the utility bikes that are rugged and have large baskets and carriers.

Last Thoughts


  • Don’t buy an e-bike brand that doesn’t have local servicing. Most bike shops are not set up to service e-bikes, and even shops that sell ebikes don’t have parts for a department store, online, or direct chinese import. Your purchase can become completely worthless if your motor, battery, or other parts stop working. 

  • You need to maintain any bike if you want it to last and not break down. If you are not mechanically minded, you need to have a competent bike or ebike shop near you. Even if you are good with tools, ebikes are much more complicated than regular bikes. 

  • We highly recommend that you wear a helmet, carry a good security lock and use it, keep a small repair kit on the bike, including a way to fix flats and air up again. These few items will make your riding experience far more enjoyable. 

  • Thorns are the enemy of all bike, but especially heavier e-bikes. In all of the Western States, goat heads and other thorns can cause havoc with your ride. We recommend that you use a tire liner to cut down 90% or more of flats due to road debris. 

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If you live within 30 miles of our Ontario California location, we'd love to meet you and discuss your cycling needs, including outfitting you with a brand new e-bike or traditional bike. 


If you live outside our region, and you are interested in purchasing an Aventon bike, please follow these links to find your easy online ordering form. 



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