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Comfort Bikes Ontario

Whether you plan to use your bicycle for short trips or social excursions, comfort bikes are very popular in Ontario. Bumstead's Bicycle in Ontario, CA is the perfect place to buy bikes designed to be easy to ride with flat bars, fat seats, and wider tires.

Comfy saddle. Feet flat on the ground when you're stopped. Ahhhh.

Biking just doesn't get any easier than this. Pure's low cruiser stance and stable ride give you the confidence to hop on and go. You'll want to bike everywhere!

  • Balance and control Our exclusive Feet First geometry lets you plant your feet firmly on the ground without ever leaving the saddle.

  • Comfortable ride Relaxed, heads-up riding position. Comfy cruiser saddle. Wide, stable tires. Enjoy the ride!

  • Easy on and off Lowstep model is built for easy step-through entry.

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