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The secret is now out that E-Bikes are a fantastic solution to your transportation and recreation needs


Important News About Bumstead’s Bicycles Regarding COVID-19

Dear Friends of Bumstead’s:


Every business is being affected in various ways by the COVID-19 virus. Bicycle Shops are considered to be an essential business as part of the transportation industry. But, maybe, more importantly, our friends, neighbors, and customers are using their bikes to get sun, fresh air, and exercise more than ever. We thank everyone for thinking of us for their cycling needs.

Special Guidelines For Our Shop Until Further Notice


  1. We are currently offering the fastest repair turnaround in the area. We will continue to shoot for 7 days where many of the other shops are now at 3 weeks or more.

  2. We are asking everyone to wear a mask when visiting our shop.

  3. In order to accomplish social distancing inside the store, we will meet you at the door and determine if we have what you need. If you are shopping for a bike that we are likely to have in stock, you will be escorted into the shop by an employee and given exceptional customer care in the selection and sizing of your new bike.

  4. We are sorry if you are getting our voice mail when you call. The shop is very busy, and we are getting many calls. We are so overwhelmed that we are not currently able to respond to voice mails.

  • We have bikes, but our supply is limited.

  • If you are looking for a hybrid, also known as city or sportbike, we do have a limited supply

  • If you are looking for a mountain bike or trail bike, we have a limited supply

  • We have cruiser bikes by Firmstrong coming.

  • We also have a smattering of BMX, Adult BMX, and Fixed Gear bikes.

  • Very popular right now are eBikes. We do have some eBikes available.

Amazing VALUE Bikes from TREK

Buy Bike Shop Quality for just barely more than department store prices

TREK Marlin 5
TREK Marlin 6
TREK Roscoe 6
TREK Fuel EX 5 Plus
TREK Fuel EX 8 Plus
TREK X-Caliber 7
What Makes Bumstead’s
So Different From Other Bike Shops?

Bumstead’s has it all! Are you looking for a balance bike for your 3-year old? Maybe you want a 3-wheel bike for you 93-year old? Possibly you want a matching set of hybrid bikes for you and your spouse. Is the perfect bike for you today an eBike to help make your commute faster? Then again, it might be your kids who are ready to compete in BMX or Mountain Biking.


You don’t need to run all over Southern California to get these bicycles. Conveniently located just a few blocks South the 10 fwy at 4th and Mountain is a true landmark of cycling. Since 1909, the Bumstead family has been pedaling bikes in Ontario. They have also had the reputation for selling top of the line bikes and giving amazing customer service.


Nothing has changed. Bumstead’s Bicycles now carries Trek, the #1 bike brand in the USA. The Trek line includes great value entry-level bikes for every kind of riding. Trek also sells pro bikes including amazing carbon fiber racing machines that sell for over $10,000.


For being 109-years old, this amazing bike shop is as current as can possibly be. They carry an entire array of electric bikes, including bikes for commuting, travel, and just plain fun. If you haven’t ridden an electric assist bike yet, you owe it to yourself to come in and get a test ride. You’ll be amazed at how much fun these bike can be.


Trending right now are the SE Bikes. Did you ride BMX bikes when you were a bunch shorter. Well, they make “BMX” bikes for big people now, and a bunch of “old people” in their 20’s and 30’s are more than excited to get back into jumping curbs and doing wheelies. C’mon in and check out the full range of SE Bikes.

Aventon Aventure -- $1999
Aventon PACE 500 -- $1599
Trek Verve+ 2 Lowstep -- $2799
Aventon PACE 350 Step-Through Ebike -- $1299
Trek Rail 5 -- $5599
Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru -- $1699
TREK Verve 1
TREK Domane AL 2
TREK Edmonda ALR 4 disc
TREK Domane AL 3
TREK Edmonda SL 5
SE Big Ripper -- $649.99
SE Big Flyer 29 -- $549.99
SE Blocks Flyer 26 -- $549.99
SE So Cal Flyer 24 -- $459.99
SUNDAY Blueprint -- $289.99
SUNDAY Primer -- $339.99
SUNDAY Scout Rose Gold -- $379.99
CULT Gateway JR. -- $329.99
CULT Gateway -- $399.99
ELECTRA Cruiser 7D
ELECTRA Cruiser 1
TREK Checkpoint AL 3
TREK Checkpoint Al 4
TREK Crockett 5 Disc
SE Bronco 20”
SE Bronco 16”
TREK Precaliber 20 girls
TREK Precaliber 16 girls
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Amazing Bike Shop Serving Ontario Since 1909


For well over 100 years the Bumstead family has been carefully selecting the finest bicycles, components and accessories available on the market to ensure that their customers get the maximum possible bicycle experience.

Bumstead's currently features Trek as their primary bicycle line. Trek is the #1 bicycle company in the USA in total sales volume. Their road and mountain bikes are consistently listed as best in class, and their top teams and riders are frequently on the podium.

Once you purchase a bicycle from Bumsteads, the hope is that you will be actively using your new ride for sport, recreation, exercise, and/or commuting. While new bikes from Trek, Gary Fisher, American Flyer, Cult, Volume, and Leader are all finely crafted and durable, every machine needs maintenance and the occasional upgrade or repair. Bumstead's service department is renowned throughout Ontario, Upland, and the entire Inland Empire for the quality of workmanship, fast turnaround, and reasonable pricing.

Visit Bumstead's Bicycles today and get fitted for a bicycle built for you.

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