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Lloyd Garrison Bumstead II, great, great, grandson of the founder, Lloyd Garrison Bumstead is the 4th Bumstead to own Bumstead's Bicycles. Currently, Bumstead's Bicycles is located at the corner of 4th and Mountain Ave in Ontario, but over the 105 years since it was founded, the shop has been in various locations and had many name changes.


While Ontario California is best known for its airport and the grandest motor speedway ever built, but Ontario is also home to what may be the most romantic jewel in America. Bicycles are clearly a romantic symbol and in America, the idea of owning your own small family businesses is iconic. Combine the two and you have the oldest bike shop in America continuously owned by one family being run by the 4th and 5th generation and carrying on the family name as well.


Founded just 25 years after the "invention" of the modern bicycle, Bumstead's is known for more than just it's longevity. Lloyd explains, "We were the first Schwinn Shop in Southern California. And since most historians consider Schwinn stores to have been the first franchises, our business was at the forefront of both the huge Schwinn domination of the business and of the franchise concept. At one time Schwinn was one of the most recognized brands in America, right up there with Coke and Chevrolet."


Bumstead's has overcome difficult times, even in the recent past, but during the current recession, sales have increased dramatically, and the company is getting stronger as it plans for another 100 years in business.


The company currently has Trek Bicycles as the anchor bike line. Trek is the leading bicycle brand in the US in units, dollars, and commonly at the finish line of races of every type.

Bumstead's believes in old-fashioned customer service, with Lloyd on the sales floor and doing the most difficult repairs. Son Garrison can be found in the shop when he isn't attending classes in college, and has been an active enthusiast in BMX and fixed gear categories.

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