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Ontario Road Bikes

Bumstead's Road Bikes in Ontario California, near and just down the street from Upland features Trek racing and other road bikes, including fitness/sport, and touring bikes.

ontario road bikes - a group of people riding on the road

Road bikes in Ontario are currently defined as lightweight, skinny tire, multi-geared bikes designed for commuting, recreation, or racing on the road only. Their cousins on the road would include cruisers, fixed gear, and various urban bikes that don't include all three elements: skinny tires, lightweight frames, and multiple gears.

The road bike is generally designed for speed and distance with comfort being a lesser consideration. On the other hand, technological advances in just the last decade have created amazing comfort on even those bikes where speed is the overriding feature. Road bikes are generally divided into the following groups:


  • Performance race - Weight and aerodynamics rule here

  • Endurance race - Must be able to go the distance, but still light and fast

  • Triathlon - Aerodynamics combined with maximum comfort

  • Fitness/sport - Traditional road bike for daily use

  • Touring - Designed for carrying gear and going long

  • Cyclocross - Features created especially for this sport


A road bike in Ontario can retail anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $20,000 or more depending on materials, components, and design. You will want to take into consideration the primary type of riding you will be doing. For most of our customers who want a road bike, the primary use is commuting, riding for 25 miles or less with family or friends, or just getting out for some exercise and sun. The entry-level Performance Race or Fitness/sport bikes are the road bikes for that group.

We have selected the largest and best know bicycle company in the USA as our road bike supplier. Trek Bicycle Company is at the forefront of product design and quality. While we are able to supply you with any road bike in the Trek line, we have chosen to stock the following bikes on a day-in-day-out basis. Most other bikes would e available within one day from a local warehouse.

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