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Fitness Bikes/ Commuter Bikes in Ontario

If you are new to cycling or planning to keep most of your trips under 30 miles, a fitness bike is probably your best choice in Ontario. Trek says that the 7 series is the most popular of all the bikes they sell. Come visit Bumstead's Bicycles in Ontario, CA, near Upland to see why the Trek 7 series is so popular.

fitness bikes in ontario

Whether or not you intend to ride your new bike to get fit, you are very likely to find fitness bikes to be a great choice for a basic road bike. They are perfect for going fast, but also great for commuting, or just enjoying a nice outing with friends.

The foundation of the Trek Fitness bikes in the 7 series is an aluminum frame, which provides a perfect combination of stiffness and comfort in for a light bike. Trek uses hydroforming to create the tubes. This allows the bike to be much more aerodynamic than it would be with round tubes, while still maintaining and even improving on the other rides characteristics.

The bike is basically set up to be as fast as it can be for this price point. 700c wheels provide the versatility to drop all the way down to a 25c racing tire rather than the standard 35c tire that comes on the bike. But either way, you are going to have a very small profile on the road.

The Shimano Alivio based drivetrain will give you 24 speeds with a nice range to get you easily up steep grades or power you to maximum speeds when tending downhill.

Fitness and commuter bikes are equipped with upright handlebars, comfortable seats, and easy to use shifting controls. These bikes are designed to be perfect for a beginner or someone who has not been cycling for a long time and might only plan to ride for 30 minutes to an hour on each outing. On the other hand, they are plenty sophisticated for any rider who plans to ride for 30 miles or less per day.

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