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Fixed Gear Bikes Ontario

Responsive! Like you and the bike are one! Thrilling! These are just some of the ways that riders experience riding a fixed gear bike. No frills, no gears, and sometimes no brakes bike.

fixed gear bikes ontario

A fixed-gear/fixed-wheel bike - also known as a fixie in Ontario - can be defined as a bicycle with no free-wheel; meaning it cannot coast. The pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving. Whichever direction your feet go, your pedals will follow in perfect sync. The cog, in this setup, is either threaded or bolted directly to a fixed rear hub. When the rear wheel turns, the pedals turn in the coinciding direction, allowing the rider to be able to stop without using a brake. This is achieved by backpedaling- resisting the rotation of the cranks.


This arrangement also opens the door to other skills for the rider such as being able to ride in reverse with pristine control or achieving the impressive track stance. Continual pedaling adds a new dimension to your familiar terrain, and using a lightweight bicycle that's designed for the task will empower you towards a rediscovery of cycling.


Another notable quality of a fixed gear bicycle is its low weight. These machines are stripped down to only the bare necessities. Without all of the added parts required for a geared road or commuter set up, a fixed gear bicycle weighs a significant amount less than its geared equals. Additionally, fixed gear components are more mechanically efficient than other bicycles, with the most direct power transfer of force from the rider to the wheels. These benefits combined leave the rider with a more efficient and gratifying experience of speed, grace and agility.

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